We’ve all heard about this before, a website that gives away free stuff and most of the time it doesn’t work. But get this, we’ve found a legit website that actually does what it claims; Behold addrbx!

We were skeptical at first too, we’ve seen countless websites that do this before and most of them are advertisement infested quicksand. This time, however, we have a website that actually pays you out for your actions. To be fair, it takes a few surveys to get the things you want but that’s still more than anything you’ll get from other scam sites.

What Is AddRbx?

AddRbx is a simple and clean website that gives you clear instructions on how you can gain cash for doing simple jobs. The jobs are also quite easy to do, we will discuss them in the jobs section in detail. After the job is completed, you can redeem gained points for actual rewards. You can get payouts on PayPal or even select from a number of gift cards. It’s just as easy as it sounds too so anyone with an internet connection and an email address can use it without problems! How to Use AddRbx?

Using AddRbx is very straightforward and simple. We’ll explain the steps in great detail here:

    • Go to addrbx.com
    • Once the website loads, make an account
    • You can do that without providing your email and password
    • Login to your account
    • From there you can select what you can do to gain points
    • That’s it!

What Tasks Can You Do?

There are 4 major categories of tasks you can do on addrbx:

    • You can watch TV and look at ads that appear to gain points
    • You can also answer surveys and get a good amount of points that way
    • There are also certain offers that pop up on the site, most don’t require you to spend money either which is great
    • And lastly, you can download certain apps and run them on your device to gain points
    • There are also games you can download and play for a certain amount of time to get points

How Can I Redeem Points?

It’s simple, you can redeem your points for actual cash that can be transferred to you via PayPal. For that, you’ll need to have a PayPal account though. Even if you don’t have PayPal you can redeem earned points for a number of different gift cards, from Fortnite V-Bucks to Steam credit and from Play Store to Amazon, you can avail any of the options. The website even lets you get cards for Nintendo eShop and Minecraft!


addrbx is an easy to use website that you can use anywhere you want. If you have a long train ride to school, you can simply knock a couple of tasks on the way there. Waiting for the dentist can be a pain but with addrbx, at least you can get some cash for it!


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