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Date Added: 04/16/2024 20:06:17

Roblox is one of the popular games that have gained recognition in recent times. The game is based on the combination of two interesting features such as the community game play feature in Minecraft and the user sharing privileges found on YouTube. Even though the game looks a little bit odd and parents could be easily confused about the game, it has become a hit with children all over the world.

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However, if parents don’t understand this game, then it becomes the favourite of youngsters. On the other hand, this also leads to concerns about the safety of the game. Therefore, it becomes essential for parents to find out the risks that come with Roblox to make sure that children don’t fall prey to unwanted threats that come with online games.


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Understanding the Roblox game


First of all, let us find out what is Roblox. It is a newly developed game creator system which is based on the contributions of content by game creators. The game creators could be able to use simple tools for creating and publishing games in the Roblox community. This implies that the game creators could work on ideas that would not be capable of getting funding for a commercial release.

Anyone can play these games online with other players by using a web browser or an application on their phones or tablets. The framework of Roblox reflects the idea of imaginations that are put into play by children on a playground. For instance, one kid gets the idea for playing a particular game, and then others join the kid in the game.

Gradually, the group could decide on the rules of the game for having a fun experience with the game. Roblox allows the facility for game creators to scale their games according to the demands of the playing community. However, many games in the Roblox community such as Shark Attack, Prison Escape, or Work in a Pizza Place give way to adult-like scenarios that can be one of the notable setbacks.


Troubles arise from user-generated content


User-generated content forms the basis of Roblox, and this factor can lead to noticeable issues regarding the safety of the game for kids. The most troublesome issues that have been noted in the case of Roblox include risks of strangers and adult content such as pornographic images.

The game is rated PEGI 7 and indicates that there is no blood and violence in the game. It also implies that there could be no obscenity, vulgar language, or pornography on Roblox. However, actions against such behaviour could be possible only if they are reported. Players have found different ways to work around these restrictions also.

According to reviews by parents and other general reviewers, Roblox has posed various threats for children. Exposure to adult content, bullying within the game, and messages for prompting children to have cybersex are some of the threatening issues that have been identified from parent reviews. Many parents have recently reported the instance of a ‘Sex Room’ in the game, which involves nude avatars playing different games that involve sex acts, photographic pornography, and virtual rape.

One of the important things to note here is the facility of Parental Controls, which can help in imposing account restrictions for young children. However, these restrictions are not capable of blocking all types of adult content or friend requests from random strangers. These factors clearly show the dangers that can arise for your children.


Most important of all, there is no specific age limit specified in terms of Service of Roblox. Even though the Terms of Service (TOS) of Roblox clearly show that children under the age of 13 years should play the game under parental supervision, there is no requirement of parental consent for underage players to sign up for the game.

These concerns can be highly influential negatively on the safety of children playing Roblox. However, there are certain precautions which you can take for preventing your children from any dangers on Roblox. Please read on to know more about the precautions that can make your child safe on Roblox. 

Learn about parental controls The first and foremost precaution that parents can take for the safety of their kids on Roblox is based in their supervision. With the newest parental controls introduced by Roblox in March 2017, players could not use mature language. However, many players have found creative ways to use mature and adult content such as rude titles, nude avatars, and clothing that has to swear words. So, you need to keep a close look at the way your kid plays different games on Roblox.


Staying away from random friend requests


Another noticeable issue that can cause threats to kids when playing Roblox is random friend requests. It has been noted that despite the strict parental controls and facilities for blocking chat and games with adult content, players would continue to get random friend requests. Therefore, if your child has received some new friend requests that you don’t want then delete friends through the “Friends” menu on the game. All you have to do is click on the profile of the person that you want to remove and then click on the “Unfriend” option.


Ghost accounts can pose problems


Furthermore, you should also look into the fact that your children are not set up multiple accounts for playing Roblox on a single device. Any underage child could set up multiple accounts without even any notification, and this can be a troublesome factor. The ghost accounts could be used by children to access vulgar content without your knowledge.


Be involved with your children


The most significant solution that you can present for your children’s safety while playing Roblox is to play with them. You need to supervise your children’s game play closely without being too imposing. You want your kids to have fun and make them feel welcome to play the Roblox game. So, sit with them when they are playing and make them understand the dangers of accepting random friend requests.

Take the additional step of looking over all the aspects of gaming on Roblox such as setting up their account and the account restrictions. When you are careful enough, your children can enjoy every game without having to deal with unnecessary threats as observed commonly in online games like Roblox.