How do you sell clothes on Roblox?

Date Added: 05/27/2024 03:15:26

A lot of enquiries are made regarding the selling of clothes on Roblox. People interested in selling clothes on Roblox are essential to be a member of a Builder’s Club. Here they have to create a segment of clothing. Upon following the steps given below, one can sell clothes on Roblox.

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  • After becoming a member of Builder’s Club, one has to visit the Roblox site and put a click on the ‘Create’ section available at the top within the blue bar.
  • Now put a click on Shirts, Pants, or T-Shirts as per your preference.
  • Put a click on the gear to the right of the product you are interested in selling.

  • Next, put a click on Configure. Here on the page, it is going to take you to the checkbox section, where one has to select the "Sell this item" box.

  • Those who are interested in selling it for Robux simply have to check within the checkbox meant for "Robux".

  • Next, put the exact amount of Robux for which you are interested in selling your clothes.

  • Finally, put a click on the Save button.

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Must remember points

It is important first to be a member of Builders Club first. However, someone can prepare a T-shirt for personal usage; here, it is not essential to be a member of the Builder’s Club.

Amount of Robux made through selling of clothes are kept as pending, for a maximum of three working days before being delivered to the account. The pending status is often known as escrow. Someone can check the pending sales simply upon going through the Summary section of the Transaction page.


About creating and selling of own it on Roblox

It is important first to make sure that each of the clothing fulfils Roblox Community Rules thoroughly. Anyone interested to make his clothing, be it about the shirt, T-shirt, or pant, can also go for selling it. Robux comes with numerous ways of customizing. One can customise by boasting his personality with various clothing items provided within the Catalog.

There are thousands of options or choices available here. However, those who look for even more through this customisation can make their own. Anyone can upload images of T-shirts and be flaunted uniquely. As anyone can upload it, these are available in plenty. One may simply go through Catalog or make of own. However, though anyone can create a T-shirt for personal usage, it can be only sold to other players by those having accounts of membership.

Coming to shirts and pants, Roblox players can buy these in the Catalog. Those having accounts with membership can only make their own. It is absolutely up to them, whether they want to have their creations with own, or opt for selling those to other players. One can get complete help through Roblox official website on how to create clothes. However, it is important first to be a member of the Builder’s club, and while creating items, the community rules should be followed.