Is Roblox safe for 5 year old?

Date Added: 04/16/2024 19:33:25

If you have a kid under 18 years old, then they must have heard about a game named Roblox. Talking more about it, it is a virtual playground where everyone can share their ideas. Besides, the platform offers some fantastic tools using which users can create their games.

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However, there is no doubt that it is quite popular. But it also has some dangers that every parent needs to know. If you are thinking is Roblox completely safe of your 5 years of a child, then this article will help you to understand that. Before that, let’s know more about Roblox. 

What do you mean by Roblox?

It is a fantastic platform which lets people play game developed by others. It is free to use, and you can get access to it using your smartphones and computers. As per the report, every month it receives 25 million sign-ups. This is something quite great. The best thing about the platform is game developers can earn money by creating games using its tools. 

Risks associated with Roblox

Well, you will find an age rating of 7 years and above at Roblox. But there is no such age limit for the users. This is where you can get confused about whether it is safe for children under 5 years of not. It houses a different type of games related to the shooting, horror, murder, and more. 
All such game can put a negative effect on your child. Besides, other children can negatively influence their kid. Some games have predator design strategies which keep the children addicted to the game, and they can even spend money on games for buying power-ups, etc. 

Is the platform safe? 

If you consider some latest features of Roblox, then it can be said that it is safe for children of 5 years old. Roblox has a filter content feature which let you filter the content based on your child’s age. For example, if your children are under 5 years old, then it won’t display horror games or the game that has violence in it. Use its parental controls and make Roblox safe for your kids. As a parent, you should check out the guidance mentioned in the official Roblox site. There are somethings that you should always keep in your mind.

First and the most important thing is you should always enter the valid date of birth while opening an account on Roblox. With this, you can trigger the safe-chat having the maximum level of filtering. On the other side, you will get a parent login feature. Using this, you can keep an eye on your children’s activity of Roblox. You need to limit the games with the following steps:

•    Visit Roblox’s official site and log in to the account. 
•    Now, you will see a gear icon which is located in the top right corner. Click it. 
•    Then, move to Setting option. There you need to select a Security option. 
•    Now enable the Account Restrictions slider.

That’s it. With this, you can make Roblox a safer place to enjoy games.