How much does Robux cost?

Date Added: 04/16/2024 21:19:51


The price of Robux is 1.25 cents for every Robux. But, here the case is not similar as of other games where one can simply ask for a certain amount of Robux and make payment of few bucks; it remains there in the option of prices. Interestingly, the cost of Robux gets lower upon buying a greater amount. It starts with minimum of 10k Robux option. If 10k Robux is worth $100, it in cents would be 10k cents, which means one Robux for each penny. The equation, though, can be altered through bc bonus amounts, but it is indeed pretty complex.

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Official prices

When it comes about officially buying prices, one can buy 40 Robux for 0.50 dollars. However, it is available only in Chromebook. For bc members, the bonus is 5 Robux.  The price is one dollar for 80 Robux through roblox mobile; here the bonus is 10 Robux. It costs $5 for 400 Robux, where the bonus is 50 Robux. 

It costs $10 to buy 800 Robux, which is indeed the most popular option available. One can buy this through Xbox, phone, as well as the website. To buy 1700 Robux, one has to expend $20.00, which can be availed through Xbox. However, here, there is no bc bonus applied. It costs $25 for buying 2k Robux, where the bonus amount is 750 Robux.

It can be bought only through the website. 4,500 Robux costs $50, where the bonus amount is 1,500 Robux; it is also available through the website.  Those who are up for 10k Robux have to expend $100, at a bonus amount of 5k Robux. It too is available only through the website.
22,500 Robux can be bought exclusively through the website at $200.00, where the bonus amount is $12,500 Robux.

Interesting here is to note that once there was an option for 75k Robux coming with the bonus amount of 25k for bc, which is of worth 500 dollars. Though many people were not informed about it, it was there until 2015. 

Prices of Starter Kits

In starter kits, this is the prices:

400 Robux $4.95
800 Robux $9.95
2000 Robux $24.95


Costs of Super Value

Coming to prices of Super Value:

4,500 Robux $49.95
10,000 Robux $100
22,500 Robux $199.95


Costs on PC with Builder’s Club

Costs on PC with Builder’s Club vary slightly in comparison. Here in starter kits:

450 Robux $4.95
1,000 $9.95
2,750 Robux $24.95
6,000 $49.95
15,000 $99.95
35,000 $199.95


Costs of Builder’s Club

It costs a monthly $5.95, which is $57.95 per year for Classic Builder’s Club. The charge for ‘Turbo’ Builder’s Club is $11.95 per month or $85.95 per annum. It costs $19.95 per month, or $129.95 per year for ‘Outrageous’ Builder’s Club.

Type Per Month Per Year
Classic Builder’s Club $5.95 $57.95
Turbo Builder’s Club $11.95 $85.95
Outrageous Builder’s Club $19.95 $129.95