Why Is Roblox Called Roblox?

Date Added: 04/16/2024 20:46:09

Though Roblox was developed in the year 2004 but was made available for the public in the year 2005, initially, it used to be called “dynablocks". But, they later thought that the appearance as of humanoids that the user plays with moreover appears like a robot. Hence, they just connected the blocks, and for having the robot, it was called as ‘roblox.’


David Baszucki and Erik Cassel developed it in the year 2004. There is a beta edition of it, called DynaBlocks, which was introduced in the year 2004. The renaming was done in the year 2005. Some people also claim that the renaming was done as the name was too tough to remember. Before simply Roblox, it used to be called as Roblox v.10 as evident from the DomainTools Screenshots. The final official launch was made in the year 2006.

How Roblox got birth?

Going back into the very past, David Baszucki established a company that was moreover focussed on software for institutional physics and mechanical model. He remained as the president of his company Knowledge Revolution till December 1998. His company was then acquired for $20 million by MSC Software Corporation in January 1999. However, David Baszucki remained the vice president until. 

Then he joined Erik Cassel and left the company to form ROBLOX, in 2004. Other staffs of MSC Software also joined them after only a few days. They then released the beta version called Dynablocks, in 2004. And ultimately it was renamed to Roblox in 2005. Being more specific, Roblox Points were replaced by Robux. The first-ever Roblox convention, also known as the Roblox Rally 2011, was conducted in San Francisco. 

It was conducted on 1st August in 2011. Another event called Roblox Game Conference 2012, was also held in the year 2012. The site went through a rough phase on1st April, in 2012 as it was hacked. Banners were witnessed on the site displaying offensive contents. Various other banners were also displayed over there. 
It led to occasions where certain users were paid huge amount of Roblox, whereas others were being paid too little. This made Roblox take the site for maintenance for addressing the issues. Finally, the site made a comeback on 2nd April. The hackers were also identified on the 4th of April.   

Roblox on smartphones

Roblox started coming attuned with smartphone on 11th December 2012. In an unfortunate occasion, co-founder Erik Cassel passed away on 11th February 2013 due to cancer. Roblox also set a price base for clothing segment in the catalog on 24th September 2013.

The minimum cost of which was kept 10 Robux. The company also came up with its Developer Exchange program on October 1, 2013. Prime, The intention behind the program, is to let the developers be a part of Outrageous Builders Club membership for earning through the exchange of Robux. David Baszucki declared that tickets are going to be disrupted after thirty days from March 15, 2016. Ultimately, the tickets were taken out on April 14, 2016